WINMATAR. is an infamous pvp alliance whose actions strikes uncountable amounts of fear upon it's enemies, it's history is rich with war, deception and glory. WINMATAR. operates from the Bleak Lands where it supports the Amarr Militia, fights neutral identities and launches it's roams into low sec or null sec.

WINMATAR. had been spearheading the minmatar for years since their return to Bosboger due to the efforts of the Elder Fleet. They were well known for giving out free combat ships and dominating fights with superiour numbers. As the power of WINMATAR grew so did it's claim on local resources to sustain it's forces. Fearing the aspirations of WINMATAR. for more resources. Minmatar alliances conspired with Amarrians and pirates to deal a devestating blow to WINMATAR.'s homesystem while it was on deployment defending the minmatar border from ammarian invasion. It became known as the big minmatar betrayal where WINMATAR. faced over 300 enemies in their homesystem.

When the dust settled, the eyes of WINMATAR. turned red, hungry for minmatar blood. While many critics expected a long civil war. WINMATAR did the unthinkable which would mark the destruction and collapse of the entire minmatar republic.. WINMATAR. reached out to Empress Jamyl I and requested to join the Amarr Empire.

In the years that followed, WINMATAR. scorched the lands of the once great republic on behalf of the Amarr Empire. As alliances were disbanded one by one, a campaign was called by Aslon Seridith to lay waste to the last minmatar stronghold in Huola. The campaign, soon known as Burn Huola, put Huola at the center of New Eden as more than 250 billion isk was destroyed in pursue of total control. This marked the final stroke for the minmatar, they retreated to highsec and the Amarr were in control of the entire warzone.

The constelation of Sasen was granted to the WINMATAR. by Empress Jamyl I in recognition of Burn Huola and playing a key role in winning the warzone. This marked the official return of the infamous WINMATAR. bloodline amongst the Amarr Empire.

Ever since the WINMATAR. have been serving Amarr faithfully.

The WINMATAR. Bloodline

WINMATAR. is an infamous bloodline amongst the Amarr Empire that was bred by the Human Endurance Program (H.E.P.) for pure win in response to the minmatar rebellion in 23216 AD. 

Their initial usage in amarr combat was prevented by the Elder fleet whom relocated WINMATAR. to Bosboger to serve the minmatar republic once more. This was however shortlived as the great minmatar betrayal turned the WINMATAR. on the minmatar. 

As of today the Human Endurance Program is still running and increasing the WINMATAR. ranks.

WINMATAR. Objectives

WINMATAR. is autonomous ruler of the constelation Sasen. Outside the required duties in mantaining the constelation. WINMATAR. has also been hired by the Emperor to complete the following objectives

  1. Enslave the minmatar and re-educate them into the WINMATAR. bloodline
  2. Cleanse the warzone of pirates and non believers.
  3. Expand the borders of the empire into nullsec.


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